LED Festoon for Reading
Post Date : 3 Sep , 2012



London lighting & visuals rental company Colour Sound Experiment (Colour Sound) does not like to do things by halves ….. Well illustrated with their latest purchase …. of 1.5 Km of digital festoon from US manufacturer Intelligent Marquee Systems brought from TMB.


This was acquired specifically for the 2012 Reading Festival which was staged over the bank holiday weekend. The festoon was specified by Festival Republic Managing Director Melvin Benn and Site Manager Becky Gundry and used to adorn the periphery of the Main Arena.
Suspended on a series of tall telegraph style poles in several strings, video and graphics content was run through the festoon – essentially a series of bold, low resolution pixels – producing a fabulous array of colours and sequences. 
It provided a stunning visually arresting backdrop for all the reverse camera shots out from the Main Stage, and also served as twinkling, ephemeral, background eye-candy for artist interviews taking place in the backstage media pods. The festoon is now back in the warehouse, where Colour Sound will find plenty of use for it on its busy schedule of shows and events, which include some of the best dance events and highest profile corporate shows in the UK.
It is an “Absolutely ideal festival product” comments Colour Sound’s MD Haydn Cruickshank. Currently it is completely unique, and Colour Sound now has the largest stock of it in the UK available for hire.
Colour Sound’s festoon can be fitted with RGB warm or cool white bulbs, attached via ‘Vampire tap’ sockets for flexible lamp spacing on regular two-conductor wire carrying signal and low voltage power. This allows each system to be completely custom constructed for the application. It can also be used indoors with equal effect.
Once again, Colour Sound also supplied lighting to the Reading Festival’s BBC Introducing and Lock Up stages and for two Silent Discos, for which Andy Melleney was overall Crew Chief.
The BBC Introducing stage highlights the very best emerging talent, many of which were filmed for broadcast and potential future DVD material, with the lighting rig looked after by Colour Sound’s Sam Campbell.
This featured Martin MAC 2K Spot moving lights and bars of 6 pars, all controlled by a Chamsys Magic Q console.
The punk rocky Lock Up Stage was headlined by an eclectic selection of bands, including the best from the East and West coasts of the US … all with great reputations for live performance. Social Distortion from California and Florida’s Less Than Jake were just two wowing the crowds with their energetic sets.
This arena was run for Colour Sound by Martin Dudley and Stuart “Woody” Wood, lit with a combination of GLP Spot One LED and Robe Colorwash 700E ATs moving lights, bars of pars, Showtech Sunstrips and Martin Atomic strobes. The console was a Chamsys MagicQ 200
For Silent Disco One, Colour Sound’s Jason Tuffin was on duty, ensuring that everything looked as great as it sounded through the headsets.
The lighting rig was Martin MAC 250 Entours, Pulsar Chroma Strip 900s, LED pars, ArcLine strips and a miscellany of disco effects. Four Club Strobeflowers made a cameo appearance to give the young audience a classic touch of the original rave scene!
Colour Sound has a small stock of these which are lovingly preserved and used for very special occasions!
Control was an Avo Tiger Touch.
Silent Disco Two was co-ordinated for Colour Sound by Sarah Payne. Her lighting rig was made up from Martin MAC 600s, MAC 250 Beams and Chauvet Q-Wash 260 LED moving lights, together with i-Pix satellites, strobes, UV cannons and another mad assortment of disco effects complete with an Avo Tiger Touch for control.
Reading is the latest of a massive line up of festivals that Colour Sound has serviced in great style with lighting and visuals this summer!



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